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TPM Life Insurance Company (formerly known as Teacher's Protective Mutual) originated from The Clergymen’s Co-operative Beneficial Association (CCBA), which was chartered on March 18, 1907 to offer disability and life insurance benefits to clergy. CCBA formed a sister company, Teachers Protective Union (TPU) which was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and received its Certificate of Authority on May 11, 1912.

TPU began to offer similar benefits to teaching professionals. On Jan 4, 1952, TPU was converted to a legal reserve mutual life insurance company named Teachers Protective Mutual Life Company and began to offer insurance protection to the general public in addition to teachers. The original CCBA was merged into TPM in 1961. TPM is authorized to do business in 10 states and the District of Columbia. TPM was acquired by AmFirst Life Insurance Company of Oklahoma on December 31, 2015.

The Company offered individual Long Term Care products from 1992-2005. TPM currently offers a variety of insurance coverage including accident, health, life and disability with the primary focus being products in the small group market. Our products are marketing exclusively through MWG Broker Services (a division of Morgan White Group).


TPM Life is a proud member of the AmFirst Holdings Group.

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